Problem Site

Problem Site?

“You fell in love with a block of land- but there is a problem.  “

Perhaps the block is too small- or perhaps too big! The site is very steep, or the boundary is a strange shape? Perhaps the view is to the south, but you want your living areas to have sunlight. Or there is a beautiful big gum tree right in the middle of the block that you don’t want to destroy. How are you going to build a house on the block of land you love with this problem? Well let me tell you, I (Architects) love problems. Designing a house to solve a site problem allows for creative and imaginative solutions that always enhance the design of your house.

Solutions to problem sites don’t always need to cost more than a simple site, they just need more thought put into them to fine the right solution. Spending time on site, as the architect, helps give a strong sense of what is possible and helps creativity in finding solutions. 

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