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How do you get from your first idea to your new home?

The road from your initial idea (when you decide you need to renovate your home or build a new one) to moving in, is a big process. There are many steps along the way, and it can be very daunting not knowing where to start. 
Etha Architecture has developed Your Project Planning Booklet as a guide to begin thinking about your project. This booklet outlines where to start in your design process and how to develop a brief. Questions such as: why to choose an architect, how an architect works to your budget and how to know if you’re ready to start your project are all covered in this free booklet. 

Your Project Planning Booklet

This booklet is your start to finding your way to through the design and construction process. Download below or call/email Etha Architecture to discuss your project and discuss how Etha Architecture can help to you.


Most frequent questions and answers

Etha Architecture provides flexibility in the services it provides. Each service is tailored to the individual needs of each client. The full list of services provided include:

  • Feasibility Study
  • Sketch/Concept Designs
  • 3D Modelling and Visualisations
  • Design Development and Town Planning Processes
  • Contract Documentation including Specifications
  • BAL Bushfire Reports
  • Building Procurement
  • Contract Administration

We work closely with our clients to ensure that they and we fully understand their brief of what is needed for their home to be fully liveable whilst managing these requirements against their budget. 

We provide personal guidance throughout the full contracted services. The learning curve is steep in the design and build process. Etha Architecture will be with you every step of the way to help smooth the transition between each stage. 

What consultants you will need for your project depends on lots of factors. Consultant’s are only engaged after consultation with owners and individually accessed as to the consultants scope of works and fee proposal. Some of the consultants required during the design stage may include:

  • Engineers
  • Cost Estimators
  • Energy Rating Reporters
  • Building Surveyors
  • Private Town Planners
  • Soil Reporters
  • Land Capability Assessments

Etha Architecture accesses each project fee’s based up the size of the works required, the level of quality and detail required for the building works. 

Architects services do tend to be higher than other building designers. Why is that? Two main reasons. Firstly, we provide our services with emphasis on how you will live in your house and how to make it fit and enhance your life (aka better designs). Second, we include more detail in our drawings. A higher upfront cost for highly detailed drawings and specifications actually can saves you more money during the build process. Having a few builders standing around on site deciding how to solves the inevitable issues that arise during the building process for hours on end is not only going to increase your build cost but also increase your build program.

In the long term using an Architect will enhance your life, ensure quality and may save you money. It’s worth taking the time to meet with Etha Architecture to see the best way to move forward with your project.

Yes, architects have great imaginations and Etha Architecture creates designs which will enhance your life, but one of the biggest parts of our roll as Architects is that we are also problem solvers. This means we work with you to manage your brief and your budget.

Give Etha Architecture a call to find out how one of our clients, who came to us with a tiny budget, was able to explore alternative ideas to create a very special custom house for their family.

A good architect is one that listens first and foremost. Hearing what is important for you and your life and being able to design a home and spaces that reflect you and takes into account your needs and budget.

Who is a good client? Anyone can be a good client. You may want to be involved in every detail, or you may want to sit back and watch and trust the process proceed. A good client should not be scared to ask questions, to challenge an architect. Listen to Australian Institute of Architects (AIA) Hearing Architect Podcast- The White Wale (Season 01 Episode 04) to hear Architects talk about a clients roll in their own home design.

The white whale – Season 01 Episode 04

Getting it Right

An amazing resource that I would recommend is listening to “Get it Right with Undercover Architect”. 
Amelia provides a podcast with essential information to anyone wanting to build or renovate their own home, especially if you have had no experience of building or renovating before. She shares a wealth of knowledge and provides insights by industry professionals which is a must to help you prepare for the long design/construction road ahead.  
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